Baton Rouge Affordable Dental Implants

There is no need for dental implants to cost you so much. "Mini" dental implants can be used to anchor dentures, giving you a much more affordable solution and secure result. Mini dental implants are an affordable alternative to standard dental implants.

Mini dental implants are sometimes referred to as a "denture stabilization system". Smaller diameter root forms are placed in the jaw bone to anchor your dentures.

Advantages of Affordable Dental Implants

  • As you can see from the diagram to the right, the root form for the mini dental implant is much smaller in diameter than the root form for the standard dental implant. This makes the surgery to implant the root form less complicated, and therefore less expensive.
  • Healing time for mini implants is generally shorter, with less swelling.
  • Bone loss at the sight of the root form implant is halted, just as it is with standard implants.


  • Mini dental implants still require the use of a denture, which is not as comfortable or natural as a standard dental implant.
  • Mini implants are not as strong as standard implants.



dentures anchored by mini implants

Mini implants can be used to "anchor" dentures, creating a more stable end result.

affordable dental implants - diagram comparing root forms for standard dental implant and mini dental implant

Standard dental implant root form, right, and "mini" dental implant root form, right.



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