Are redo dental implants more affordable?

I have already had dental implants once. I’m now learning that I need to have them redone and am wondering if any of the expenses carry over to the second attempt. To give some background, I am learning that my original implants didn’t take and now my dentist is saying I need to have them redone and is expecting me to pay full-price for the procedure.

Is this advisable?




Dear Mandi,

I’m not sure what your timeline looks like, as you didn’t mention how long ago you received your original implants. It usually takes six to 12 months for them to fully integrate with the bone. I’m wondering if your still within this time frame. While poor placement, infections, or some medical conditions can cause problems with the healing, it is rare for them to not take at all.

If your implants have in fact failed, the first step is to determine the root cause. Hopefully your dentist has already discussed this with you. However, if this discussion has yet to take place, try to find out the cause prior to any work being done.

In regards to the second procedure being more affordable, some sort of discount or comped work would be advisable. It’s unclear if your implant failure could have been predicted, or prevented. If it indeed could have been prevented, you should not have to pay a dime. If this is the case, request a refund and find a more skilled dentist. It would also be a good idea to get a second opinion before moving forward.


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