How can I get cosmetic work done cheaper?

Is there such thing as an affordable dentist? I had braces when I was in junior high, but once I was “done” with my retainer, they went crooked again.  I haven’t been regular with my visits to the dentist since I left home, so I have cavities. I’d like to fix my teeth now and my friend said  I should make sure to see a cosmetic dentist, but they said it was going to be an obscene amount of money to fix my teeth. They also got all bent out of shape when I asked if there was any way to do it cheaper. Are there any affordable dentists?

Katie, Dallas

Dear Katie,

There are affordable dentists, but if you want your teeth done right, be cautious. Cosmetic dentistry is not black and white. It is not an official area of study for dentists, so some who have had a two-hour class about Lumineers may call themselves “cosmetic dentists” in comparison to those who have taken extensive training on porcelain veneers to improve their skills. Because of this additional training, cosmetic dentists do typically charge more than regular dentists.

Some things to consider when looking for an affordable cosmetic dentist:

  • Ask questions. Some good questions to ask are about the dentist’s experience and schooling, and if there are pictures of work he did on other patients you can see.
  • Do your homework. Research the dentists on your She is happy with her smile!list and see what experience other patients have had with them. Sometimes dentists offer free dental exams to understand your needs and to help you assess how comfortable you are with the office before doing any work. You can also call several dentist offices and ask for ballpark figures for the work you want to have done.  Compare the costs to the first dentist you visited. If the numbers for a dentist are significantly lower, that may raise red flags that that dentist isn’t as experienced or may cut corners.
  • Ask for your options. You were wise to ask if there was a cheaper way. Some cosmetic procedures are more costly, but there are often cheaper alternatives to improve your smile. Don’t be afraid to let the dentist know if something is more than you can afford.

With a little work on your part, you will find the right affordable dentist for you.

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