I’m in despair. Can’t afford implants. I’m going to lose my jaw.

I’m in complete despair. I’m losing a lot of my teeth because of an accident. I can’t afford dental implant, which means dentures. Now my dentist tells me if I don’t get implants, I will lose my jawbone.  Is there some way I can use supplements to keep my jawbone?

Lola V. – Pittsburgh


There isn’t a supplement that will keep your jawbone. The reason for that is the cause of the bone loss. When your teeth are removed, your body begins reabsorbing the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere throughout your body. The only way to keep that jawbone is to trick your body into thinking there is still a tooth root there.  Dental implants do that.

I know you said there is no way you could afford them, but I wondered if you looked into affordable dental implant options, such as mini implants?  I would discuss it with your dentist. It will still require a denture, but it will help retain your jawbone.

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