My smile was ruined by an affordable dental implant doctor

My two front teeth had become loose, so I began searching for an affordable dental implant dentist. I found an ad that met my criteria. When I went in for the estimate, I was told I needed those teeth to be extracted at that time, as well as bone beads to help with the healing.

After six months, and no front teeth, the dentist told me he could not perform the implant surgery because I didn’t have enough bone, and my gums needed treatment. He indicated I would need additional procedures prior to the surgery. Now I have no front teeth, no idea if they should have been removed originally, and just want my smile back!

What should I do?


Dear Hank,

The fact that you don’t know the cause of your loose teeth is a significant red flag. If the cause was periodontal disease, you would not have been a candidate for dental implants to begin with. The doctor should have discussed this with you from the get-go. It’s difficult to tell if your teeth could have been saved without knowing the cause. This is s a major concern.

However, it is likely, going forward, that you will need additional treatments prior to the implant surgery, in order for the implants to last. It would be a good idea to consult another dentist before proceeding. Also, there is no reason that you should not have been given temporary replacement teeth. Typically offices offer partial dentures, of flippers to keep the other teeth from moving, maintain the right amount of space, and to help make it easier for you to eat. It is not too late for these.

Make an appointment with another dentist to assess all of this this before moving forward.

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