Problems and discomfort following a white filling

Last year I had to have a filling put in one of my front teeth. My dentist used that new white filling material, and I’ve had nothing but trouble since. First I had to go back in and have her sand out the filling materials that was causing dental floss to get stuck between my teeth. Then a few months after that I bit into a hot sandwich and almost passed out from the pain. It was unreal! I called my dentist and she said to try and wait it out, and I did, for as I could stand it, but things have slowly but steadily worsened. Now I can’t even stand to bite into the softest foods or drink room temperature liquids. I am on a constant diet of Alieve.

What should I do? I am afraid to go back in to hear her say that I need to have a root canal treatment and then another white filling. I can’t take anymore! Isn’t there another choice besides a white filling? It is one of my front teeth, and I suggested a crown, but she did not seem comfortable with putting one on only one of my front teeth. Any direction you can provide would be great.

Brian in Memphis, TN

Dear Brian,

From what you describe, you are probably going to need a root canal. Pain from the tooth being irritated from the filling should have abated by now, so something more is going on. Pain that gradually improves would be a better sign, but you describe exactly the opposite.

Following the root canal treatment, you may need a porcelain crown (also called a dental crown or a cap) placed over the tooth. If the cavity is not too large, it would still be a good idea to use white composite fillings, but if it is too large, you may need the crown.

If you do have a root canal treatment, you may want to tell the dentist not to leave any gutta percha (root canal filling material) inside the crown of the tooth, but to make sure to trim the material below the level of the tooth attachment. Gutta percha left in the crown of the tooth will cause it to darken over time. If you get a crown, this won’t matter, but if you get another filling, it will.

Post courtesy of Baton Rouge Dentist Dr. Perry.

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