Can my dentist replace a new crown that’s the wrong color?

Last weekend, the day before my daughter’s quincinera of course, I had a crown on one of my back teeth break. My dentist wasn’t available so I found an “emergency dentist” in town and had him fix it for me. He was able to do a same-day crown. I was so glad to get the tooth fixed quickly before the party Saturday. I didn’t notice until earlier this week, though, that the color is off on my new crown. My husband doesn’t think it’s bad, but I think the crown is obvious because it doesn’t match my other teeth. Can I just go to my regular dentist now and have him put a new one on?

Lupe, Sacramento

Dear Lupe,

Both emergency dentists and same-day crowns (most likely a CEREC crown) can be such a blessing, especially when you are in a time crunch. Many people think that emergency dentists only do emergency work, like ER physicians at the hospital. The truth is most emergency dentists are just general dentists. They either work extra hours or are flexible to help people with dental emergencies.

Just because a dentist is willing to help with emergencies doesn’t mean he is an expert at all aspects of dentistry. Most dentists can get a job done. It takes many hours of training and practice for dentists to become skilled at aesthetics–making it look good. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a recognized specialty that dentists can be certified in.

While it was helpful to get your crown fixed quickly, it sounds like the emergency dentist may not have been skilled at color-matching the crown to your other teeth. Unfortunately, dentists typically set crowns to last. A well-placed crown can last 10-20 years. The only thing to do if you aren’t happy is to have it removed and replaced.

If you know the color is going to continue to bother you, try speaking to the emergency dentist and see if they will make it right. If not, either consult your regular dentist or find a cosmetic dentist in your area who can replace your crown with one you are satisfied with.

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