Root Canal Can’t be Performed on Front Tooth. What now?

I have a front tooth that has been such a problem I had two dentists attempt a root canal on the tooth. Unfortunately, the dentists weren’t able to get through the root at the end because of calcium build-up.
Now, I’m researching the idea of having an implant on this tooth. Is this the best choice for this problem or is there another dentist that could get to the end of the root?
– Ted in Louisiana

It doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes teeth get blockages in the roots and then it isn’t possible to perform a root canal treatment.

I’d recommend you don’t give up yet on the idea of having this procedure done. Be sure to seek the advice of a root canal specialist (endodontist) and have them try to penetrate the roots. They use fine, ultrasonic tips that can sometimes break through strong calcium build-ups. General dentists do root canal treatments on front teeth when the roots are straight with easy access. When the roots are complicated or hard to reach, a specialist is usually the answer.

Another solution that may work is to surgically seal the root end of the tooth without going through the tooth. This is fairly simple to do with a front tooth and is called an apicoectomy. This may be a good solution to your problem but you do need to consider that when you can’t clean all the dead tissue out of the inside of a tooth, there may be extra complications. I’d recommend you get advice on this from a specialist.

If possible, it’s best to save a tooth as there’s no substitute like your own natural teeth. Be sure to get proper advice from specialists before you do any procedure.

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