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"Time" is the one thing that virtually everyone lists as their most valuable commodity. We respect your time, and try to keep the number and length of your visits as limited as possible. To that end, our office has invested in an innovative form of restoration technology: CEREC crowns.

CEREC crowns save you both time and money, and provide you with a more pleasant dental care experience. The entire process of getting a CEREC crown takes only one office visit, as opposed to three or four as is the case with conventional porcelain crowns.

CEREC crowns begin as a 3D optical impression of the affected tooth, acquired with a compact electronic camera specially designed for this specific use. Even in difficult to access areas of your mouth, Dr. Perry can obtain the necessary impression without the discomfort, mess and gagging that used to be involved with dental crown impressions. Acquiring the impression takes only seconds.

conventional method of obtaining impression for porcelain crowns
The camera used to create the impression for cerec crowns is much preferred by our patients.
The traditional method of obtaining impressions for crowns was messy and uncomfortable, and left an unpleasant taste in the patient's mouth.
The camera used to create impressions for CEREC crowns is much less invasive and faster, and universally preferred by our patients.

After Dr. Perry takes the impression, the associated computer software mills the crown from a single block of ceramic that is color and translucency matched to your teeth under our supervision. The completed crown is then bonded in place.The computer aided design creates a virtually seamless fit.

CEREC technology makes restoration with crowns a vastly more convenient process. The all ceramic material is much more beautiful and natural than porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and does not conduct heat or cold, and so is more comfortable as well.


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