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Dentures can look almost as beautiful and natural as your own teeth. If you have decided to go with dentures, Dr. Perry can provide you with attractive dentures that will be as comfortable as possible.

If you are still trying to decide between dentures and dental implants, you may want to review our page about "facial collapse". Facial collapse is a condition that develops over time after all of a person's teeth have been removed.

Basics of Dentures

There are two kinds dentures: full and partial. As you might assume, full dentures replace all of your upper or lower teeth, and a partial denture replaces some of your teeth. Both full and partial dentures are removable, though some are "anchored" by mini dental implants. See our page on affordable dental implants for more information.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that getting all of their teeth extracted and replaced with dentures will put an end to their dental problems, but that is not true. Besides risking facial collapse, dentures also create other problems. We provide this information to you in an effort to give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your unique situation.

Problems with Dentures

Full dentures slide around. There is no way to avoid this, unless you elect to go with the kind that are anchored with mini implants. Uppers are held in place with suction, so they do not slip as much, but the lower dentures simply rest on the jaw.

Full dentures are also, by definition, removable. This means that they may come out when you are not expecting them to, which is embarassing, and the constant worry that they might come out can be wearing on your confidence.

Your chewing efficiency is reduced by at least 50%. That is a sobering statistic. This has implications far beyond discovering that some of your favorite foods are now off the menu—in severe enough situations, difficulties chewing and eating can have a significant impact on your nutrition and consequently your health.

If you have been wearing dentures for 10 or more years, they may begin to cause sores in your mouth, which will further impact your ability to eat.

In Baton Rouge, dentures don't have to be uncomfortable, unattractive or unstable. Talk to Dr. Perry about all the different options that will help you get the solution you need.



Denures can look beautiful and natural



Lower dentures rest on your jaw, held in place by gravity.

Full lower dentures rest on your lower jaw, held in place by gravity.


Upper dentures with a soft liner can be quite comfortable.

Upper dentures with as soft liner can be quite comfortable and stable.


If you are unable to get full implants, a denture stablized by mini dental implants is a more stable solution.

If you are unable to get full implants, a denture stablized by mini dental implants is a more stable solution.

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