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Don't let fear damage your health. Dr. Perry can ease your fears to help make sure you get the dental care that is so essential to your overall health. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, we can help.

A central goal of our office is to make sure that you feel safe, secure and cared for. Trust is an essential component in all forms of health care, and we want your experience here to be as stress-free as it can possibly be. It is very important to Dr. Perry and the entire staff of our office that you leave our office feeling good about the dental care you received, and about our entire staff's genuine care for your well-being.

Gentle Dentistry

Putting anxious patients at ease does not have to be complicated. It could be something as simple as a pillow to make you more comfortable, or a blanket if you feel chilled during treatment.

If you need something beyond this to be able to tolerate dental treatment, we understand completely, and are equipped to provide both nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedatives.

Nitrous oxide is tremendously helpful helping people relax for dental treatment.   Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an excellent choice if you need help relaxing enough to tolerate dental treatment. N2O has no lingering affects, and patients can drive themselves home after their appointments.

For some people, the level of their anxiety is too high for nitrous oxide to be effective. If you are an extremely anxious dental patient, Dr. Perry can provide you with an oral sedative that can be taken before treatment. However, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.   If you need something stronger than nitrous oxide, Dr. Perry can provide an oral sedative.


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