Baton Rouge Teeth Whitening

Dr. Perry can help you whiten your teeth effectively and affordably. A dazzling white smile can take years off your age, and creates the impression of overall health and vitality.

We offer several different teeth whitening procedures, to suit both your budget and your temperament. If you are watching your extra expenditures and are good about creating and maintaining health routines, an at-home whitening system would probably work perfectly well for you, as long as you are not in a hurry. We can provide you with custom designed trays and careful instructions on exactly how to use them, along with the whitening gel. For many people, this is a great way to get a glowing smile. The Core system, which is a deep bleaching technique that has a good success rate with tetracycline stains, has both an in-office component and take-home trays for follow-up care.

Deciding between an at-home system and an in-office procedure requires some honest self-assessment. If you have a particularly hectic schedule, or find sticking to a fixed regime difficult, an in-office teeth whitening system is likely the better choice for you. The best at-home system in the world is not effective if it is not diligently and consistently applied.

If you chose to go with an at-home whitening treatment, the following information lets you know what you can generally expect from the process.

Baton Rouge Teeth Whitening Procedure

The first step towards your dazzling new smile is an examination and cleaning. We make sure during this exam that there are no issues with your teeth that could be exacerbated by the bleaching gel, such as a leaky filling.

If everything is in order, we take impressions of your teeth and make custom-fit "trays" that will hold the bleaching gel in place.



Custom made trays hold the bleaching gel in place.
We then send you home with the bleaching gel, and your treatment begins. The speed of your results depends largely upon your dilegence in applying the treatments consistently.
Teeth before the whitening process.
The same smile after an at-home whitening course of treatment.
Before At-Home Whitening
After At-Home Whitening


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